The Artful Village

The Artful Village

Handmade Arts Market


What is the Artful Village?

The Artful Village is only open on the 2nd Saturday of the month from March to December.
The idea is based on several venues in Austin and the Hill Country. By having a show only once a month, artists who want to travel on the festival circuits, or gallery showings still have time to book other shows.
Our show offers a regular venue for artists who may not have the time, money, or energy to travel.

Our spaces are rented to the artists with no commissions paid to us. The shopper gets to meet the artist in most cases enabling them to learn more about the style, techniques, and the artist. This makes one of a kind art much more affordable to the average person and usually gets the artist much more exposier.

The Artful Village has both indoor and outdoor spaces available with plenty of room to grow.

In the spring of 2014 the Artful Village will have completed the garden area including a small stage for singer/songwriters to perform while shoppers relax on our patio enjoying a cold drink. The garden area has been lanscaped and is shaded by mature pecan trees as well as festive market umbrellas and shade sails.
Bottle trees, yard art and outdoor funiture will be offered for sale as well as the traditional booth spaces.

The Artful Village is located in West Fort Worth in the small city of River Oaks. We are beside Roofing Solutions at the corner of Meandering Road and 1005 Yale. To locals, this is down the street from Burgers' Lake, Camp Carter and the East gate of The Naval Reserve Joint Base (NRJB). In other words we are in a small city but a very busy street!

We are always looking for new artists and singer / songwriters. We are willing to help those who have never experienced a show or sale before.

We are also interested in renting space to art teachers, photographers or for private art shows or exibits.


Shopping - Home & Garden


1005 Yale
River Oaks, Texas


(817) 475-4359


Second Saturday of the month: 10am-5pm



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